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Science Shorts: a scientific storytelling competition!

Are you passionate about science? Do you have a knack for words? Do you often dream of writing a short story, or a limmerick, or a poem or a song about science? This is your chance!

Enter our science shorts competition! We accept pieces up to 2000 words, in any format (short story/prose/poetry/lyrical/song/wide audience article/theatre piece/haiku and all the extra ones you can think of!). There will be an apero’ event, with a reading of the best pieces and a distribution of prizes!

How to participate:

-send your piece to chiarad@phys.ethz.ch by APRIL 30TH (max 3 pieces per author)

-come to the APERO’ event which will be held on MAY 15th, from 6pm, at the Student Project House

Would like some training first? The following events will be dedicated to exploring different formats, we will create pieces together and build on each others feedback!

-April 9th, from 6pm, at the Student Project House

-April 24th, from 6pm, at the Student Project House

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Autumn events at the ART & SCIENC Collaborative

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After the summer break, we are back!

We want to kick off the new semester with a juicy event: an interdisciplinary speed dating! Everyone is welcome to participate, any discipline, level of study, age, university is warmly invited!  Check out our flyer for more information:


Science-inspired laser-cut jewellery

Date: October 2018

Location: Student Project House


Would you like to create earrings/necklaces and other accessories inspired by your research? In this workshop, you will be free to create your designs and at the end we will laser cut them using the laser cutting machine at the Student Project House. You will learn how to create laser cut designs using software, so please bring your laptops!

Price: 10 CHF to cover the cost of the wood and other accessories (earring hooks etc)

Places will be limited: secure your spot by sending an email to chiarad@phys.ethz.ch!



 Making a Zine for the collaborative

zine (/zn/ ZEEN; short for magazine or fanzine) is a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via photocopier.

We want to create a Zine compiling all the workshops and discussions we held during the first year of the collaborative. If you are interested in helping up, come along! There will be several tasks: designing the zine, making content from the workshops, writing short articles, poems and thoughts about science and art. This event will likely be held for half a day at the Student Project House on a weekend!

When: Ongoing – please send an email if you’re interested in helping out!

Place: Student Project House


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