Plant Pathology workshop

Do plants get sick? Do plants have an immune system? How does a fungal infection look like on the leaves? These and many more were the questions that Pilar, a PhD student in plant pathology, answered. She shared with us her fascination for plant diseases and took us on a journey about the life of... Continue Reading →

Interdisciplinary Speed Dating

A group of us came together for an interdisciplinary speed dating! How it worked:at each table, two people sat facing each other. Each table had a cup filled with questions. The two participants picked questions in alternating order and answered them. After 10 minutes, the partners are swapped and the circle is repeated. The event... Continue Reading →

Exploring Climate Change creatively

On June 4th, we held a workshop on the theme of Climate Change. Climate change is nowadays an ubiquitous word, however how many of us know the facts, and are able to sustain backed up arguments on this topic? We wanted to explore the facts and stories surrounding our climate from a different perspective. We... Continue Reading →

Science in the Objective: the exhibit

In February 2018 we held a vernissage of the Science in the Objective exhibit. The exhibition features the 13 selected photographs from our scientific photography contest. The photographs were exhibited at the Student Project House, ETH, for the following 2 weeks. Here are some pictures from the Vernissage!

My Day: Interdisciplinary voyages

The idea for my day is that of bringing together people working in different fields, through pictures from their every day life. Participants of the event come with 3-5 photos which show typical scenes from their every day life at work, to uncover their challenges and their successes. But above all, beyond mere pictures showing... Continue Reading →

Sci-fi writing workshop

In October 2017 we held our first creative writing workshop, with a specific focus on science fiction. The workshop consisted of two parts, in the first one, given the picture below, we had 45 minutes to write a short story. No other constraints were applied, the writing was open, as long as inspired by the... Continue Reading →

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