Western science and eastern wisdom: two different truths? 14.05.2018

Salvatore Daniele took us on an exploration of western science and eastern wisdom! The talk was interspersed with short meditation based on eye contact and touch, to establish a sense of connectedness, reality, here and now.

Abstract: I’m a scientist, I’m curious and above all I’m an experimenter , I like to play with things to understand and experience them better; in the lab as well as in life. In the last years I had the honor to receive many Tibetan Buddhists teachings. Putting them into practice with the best open-minded skepticism attitude I could have, I went through a deep journey. A journey that became an organizing principle for all other activities in my life. Being a scientist, I started to wonder how much and if at all this journey could be supported by our western view of the world. Well, digging into modern physics, psychology and neuroscience it turns out that Buddhist teachings and the latest cutting edge western findings have mainly one big difference: the language! With language I mean the terminology and the approach to the topic. I am thrilled to share with you a journey hunting for parallelisms and similarities. I will pay my best effort, in total respect of the two traditions to stick to what is peer reviewed in western science and to what is written in the ancient eastern texts. We will see together how much western findings back up meditation experiences and how these two disciplines are less apart then what one might guess.

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