Sci-fi writing workshop

In October 2017 we held our first creative writing workshop, with a specific focus on science fiction.

The workshop consisted of two parts, in the first one, given the picture below, we had 45 minutes to write a short story. No other constraints were applied, the writing was open, as long as inspired by the picture.


We then all read our short stories and exchanged discussion on what makes a science fiction story “science fiction”, which elements define this genre and which aspects we could find in all of our stories.

The second half of the workshop was a little different, Klara, our workshop leader, read the beginning of a story, and we had to complete it. This exercise was meant to make us realise that there are different types of creative drive, the first one, in which we are completely free to create our Universe, the second one, where we are still relatively free, but the universe is partly already been created for us, and we need to follow its rules.

The short stories will be collected and featured in the “sci-fi stories” page (coming soon).

If you took part in this workshop and would like your story to be on our blog, please send it to chiarad $$ @ phys $$ . (see the email also under contact us).


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