Sci-fi writing workshop

In October 2017 we held our first creative writing workshop, with a specific focus on science fiction. The workshop consisted of two parts, in the first one, given the picture below, we had 45 minutes to write a short story. No other constraints were applied, the writing was open, as long as inspired by the... Continue Reading →

Inter-disciplinary Inter-actions, or the Art & Science collaborative meets The Group.

  On the evening of the 6th of October we had an inter-disciplinary gathering. A bunch of people with either a more scientific or artistic background introduced themselves through an object they use in their daily life. We had an optical fibre, a cup of coffee, a sketch f a newly engineered chemical membrane, an... Continue Reading →

Improv Theatre for Science Communication

Maciej led a workshop aimed at understanding better our body language and our status when communicating with others! We took part in several short activities: throwing invisible objects, mirroring others, poster sessions where each of us acted a different "listener role" and the presenter of the poster had to guess our role and several exercises... Continue Reading →

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