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Who we are: we are a group of scientists and artists born in 2017 which aims at creating connections between the science and art practices.

What do we do: we meet on a monthly basis to explore scientific topics using artistic media. Usually, we mix different media. There is no previous skill necessary for our workshops, anyone is welcome to join, you will be surprised by your own creativity! We are based in Zurich and hold our events at the Student Project House on the ETH Honggerberg campus. 

Why do we do this: we believe that art and science are more linked than different. We believe that inter and trans-disciplinarity  enrich us, and that in a complex world it is necessary to have an open and creative mind. We encourage cross disciplinary thinking, thinking outside the box, looking at familiar topics from unfamiliar angles, getting out of your comfort zone and questioning your every day experiences. We believe that a different approach to scientific questions and knowledge will lead to a better and more contextualised understanding of science.

Meet the team: Klara, Chiara and Maciej, we are quantum physicist working in the Ion Trapping group at ETH. We really care about outreach and getting involved with our community to spread our passion for physics and learning. Rachele is a chemist working on environmental issues.

We are part of the ETH Critical Thinking initiative


We are also supported by the Student Project House.

The plan

The collaborative has the following stages:

Stage I: monthly events on scientific themes which will involve the use of artistic techniques, for artists who are interested in exploring science and for scientists who want to develop a new perspective on science. These events involve: theatre, creative writing, visual art, painting, photography and are usually run as a 2-hour workshop.

Stage II: elaborate projects involving groups or pairs of scientist+artist on scientific themes on longer time spans (2-3 months), to foster long term collaborations between artists and scientists.

Stage III: a yearly Zine, putting together the art pieces and reflections that we developed throughout the year which will be distributed throughout ETH and the Zhdk.

Get involved!

If this sounds interesting, it’s time to get involved! It is easiest to come to one of our events or write directly. We are on a constant lookout for interested participants, workshop organisers and website/zine/facebook editors. You can find us on Facebook: Art & Science Collaborative – Zurich.

Below are some pictures from the events we have held so far, which you can read about under the past events page!

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